Turning a Setting into Cypher System, making foci? Ideas.

I would like to take a setting that I like starts with a R has knights that create psychic swords and power armor. But not sure how I should go about making foci.

I'd like a foci for the following

- Power Armor pilot foci, how to have a player start was power armor and be their foci without being to powerful.

- Warrior with psychic blade (honestly the defends the weak and slays monsters foci were perfect just didn't know if adding a call on command psychic blade would take away from balance.

- I think augmented humans are fine there foci for borgs, and feats of strength and the other agility one work for other human enhancements.

- Character who summons and controls demons.

Not sure about a character that makes magical items, basically a character that makes cyphers. Was thinking the Crafts unique objects works with character paying 2xp to make cyphers.

Your ideas?


  • Ahh... "Fissures" from "Atomic Element 46 Book". I dont know if you would necessarily need to invent new Foci.

    Modify them yes, your psychic night is primarily based on protecting the weak, but is very effective against technology. There are foci that do that. As for the psychic sword, just use it as flavour. Have the player buy a weapon and say it is manifested from their will.

    The pilots starships can work for power armour.

    As to the power levels, I'd consider looking in the superhero section under power shifts.
  • Power of power armor can be somewhat self-limiting if you play it right. Someone in power armor is looking for trouble, or at the very least give the impression that they're looking for it, local authorities are going to frown on that behavior. Such frowning usually takes the shape of increased surveillance, inspections and demands for proof of licensing, potential fines, and of all else fails SWAT or the local military with large caliber anti-armor rounds, carried by their own power-armored squads.

    You have to figure that if a PC has figured out how to get his hands on a power armored suit and can use it without military authorization, someone else has figured out how to do that, and authorities have had to develop effective countermeasures.

    Use the latter options sparingly, however most PC parties (in my experience anyway) tend to operate -at best- on the borders of legality, increased attention of the authorities can severely cramp their style, making the other party members tell that power-armor pilot to leave his armor is the van for a while and save it for when the drek hits the fan, which is when your PA Pilots get to shine.


    For a "Psychic Knight", I'd actually consider that a "Type" rather than a "Focus". Use an Adept with the Combat flavor. Have first-tier knights as just below 'graduation' but able to 'stretch their legs' a bit (Ie: get in to troub..err.. adventures). They know stuff like "Push", "Resonance Field", "Ward", "Far Step", but still need to rely on gear or cyphers for offensive actions. Then when they 'graduate' to Tier two they learn "Cutting Light" for their Adept type (which could be generating the blade by pure mental abilities, or they get some cylindrical gadget that is supremely difficult to take from them as they can summon it to their hand at almost any time, unless the GM intrudes...)

    My own $0.02 anyway.
  • There is a focus for Ruk that turns the character into a cyborg creature, that is pretty close to powered armor (can't remember its name). "Abides in stone" could also be tweaked for power armor.
  • Summoning Demons could just be a pet focus like Consorts with the Dead or Controls Beasts, and re-flavor the pet to a demon.

    How will you handle that R game's huge amounts of damage? Just get rid of it?
  • In Translation has a Focus called Wears an Iron Suit, which is probably closer to power armor than being a cyborg, but YMMV.
  • Strange Revelations: Ten Instant Adventures has Wears a Steam Powered Suit, which is power armor. You change out the power source and the rest of the foci still works. It only has 7 abilities in the tree (one per tier except the first) but I think that would be a better fit.
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