I am considering making all Foci draggable in my Strange game by upping the translation difficulty by one per person dragging their Foci... in addition the difficulty would increase by one each time you translated again to another place not the genesis of the foci.

In this way you could translate from Ardeyn to Ruk dragging Soul Sorcery at +1difficulty and from Ruk to Earth at +2.

I realize this throws a wrench into recursion purity, but does anyone think this will really break the game?



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    That first line should read draggable not arguable. My nemesis is autocorrect. (Fixed)
  • The short answer:- That's what Inapposite gates are for.

    The long version:

    Translation changes a character's being so that they 'fit in' with the new recursion, that's why the
    restrictions on what foci can be used exists. The whole point is to make it so things only work in recursions where the laws of existence allow them to and its one of the challenges for your players to overcome.

    For instance, if a players wants to be able to 'work miracles' on Earth they have to use an Inapposite, and deal with the consequences.

    If you REALLY want to do that, then no one can stop you, since its your game, but I would advise not to.
  • They wouldn't be able to use the abilities from Works Miracles very long. The book specifies that any such "magic" or "psionics" or "mad science" would fade upon entry to Earth (having come through such a gate). Only things made of simple materials would survive unaffected by the laws of physics (I imagine artwork from other recursions would survive, maybe even simple weapons, clothing).
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