Evolving Artifacts

Hey guys, my first post here...so...hi!

I've been thinking about a new kind of artifact, to be more precise, a new way to aproach some kinds of artifacts.

I've been calling them (between me and my brain) Complex Gear, the idea is an item (be it a weapon, an armor, a tool) that has such a complex way to operate that it take time and experience to use it properly. So the more time you use is, the better it gets.

Welding Knife
It looks like a curved knife with an alien design that appartently does nothing else then cut. But "sometimes" a condensed heat razor erupts from the metal blade cause extra damage.

That "sometimes" depends on the character familiarity with the weapon. What looks like an accidental effect at first will be discovered to be and activation effect depending on some unusual gesture (something depending on skill to use), that with experience becomes easier to perform.

Mechanically speaking:
The blade causes +2 damage when:
1st exp degree: Rolls 17+ to attack;
2nd exp degree: Rolls 11+ to attack;
3nd exp degree: Every attack;
As GM instrusion, you could activate it by mistake and hurt yourself while drawing the knife

About the "exp degree", I was thiking to be related to the Tier your in, but maybe that will make the gear useful as you might finder better gear faster.
So, I though about you improving your degree of experience with the weapon every "level" you got when you actively (Gm discrection) used the gear.

So, what do you guys think?

Thanks for any opinion given.


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    Or you could make a table of effects and simply have it changed every day for example with pc making the roll. Instead of Evolving make it Changing and make some negative and positive effects. One day it's a razor that ignores armor, the other it's a staff that deals fire damage, next day it's a ray emitter emitting very cold beam or bladed item that has spiky handle and every time pc takes it in hand (so like once per combat) it deals 2-3 ambient dmg. Maybe make it stick to his hand for a whole day too. Give it depletion that's rolled every day and you're done.
  • That is an interesting idea that I might use Killyox, but doesn't really work for what I thought.
    I mean to do an artifact that can be useful and fresh for a longer time, and a way to make an item get bet as you explore it's powers.
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