What are the basics behind Fictional Leakage?

So I'm planning on running a setting where the recursions are divided between those "owned" by Disney and those seeded by rival Companies on earth. Having purchased the recursions guide but not the main book (still saving money) i wanted a brief overview of how fictional leakage differs from someone creating fan fiction based on a recursion and having it "added" to the existing recursion.


  • So, Fictional Leakage isn't precisely a copy of a piece of fiction as much as it's a melding of pieces of fiction within a genre. For example, there isn't a "Star Wars" recursion or a "Firefly" recursion per say, there's a "Rebel Galaxy" recursion, a recursion HEAVILY influenced by popular science fiction for the past 30 or 40 years. Your players aren't necessarily going to land their ship on Coruscant to meet with Jedi Master Mace Windu, but it's feasible that on a City Planet at the heart of the galaxy they may meet up with a space faring monk, a person wielding a laser sword, or a person using space magic, or a person who is any combination of these things.

    Your players shouldn't say "Oh, this is Star Wars.", if you play it right they should be going "Wait, wait. Is this Star Wars!?" and even then they'd only be partly right. This will give you the freedom to write a fictional leakage recursion without being forced to adhere to cannon, and to add your favorite elements from multiple pieces of fiction across the genre!

    But it doesn't stop with "Fictional Leakage", those are just recursions created due to the -redacted-. You want something based heavily on a movie, game, anime, comic book, novel, song, dream, painting, picture, short story, idea, memory, conversation, manga, radio play, tv show, meme, gif, experience, etc that you've seen/heard/played/felt/smelt/tasted/had/experienced/etc., you've got it.
  • Fictional Leakage can and does create Recursions that exactly mirror extant stories, franchises, movies and other creative works. There may be several based on the same ideas for old and/or powerful and old stories that reflect different aspects or parts of the stories or even different takes on them.

    For example, there may exist a Star Wars Recursion that only encompasses Mos Eisley Cantina or a tiny one where Obi-Wan and Vader's duel plays out endlessly again and again.

  • You can basically make a recursion for anything you want.  If you can dream it, you can recurse it.  I'm in the process of mashing up Westworld, Deadlands and Wild, Wild West.
  • Oh, and I can totally see Disney having their own recursion...
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