Edible plants, crops and food of the Ninth World

Hello there. New to Numenera; I own only the main book and the Bestiary.
I've tried to set up my campaign and I have stumbled upon a serious lack in setting. Apart for one species of berries and an example of jungle ecosystem in the Bestiary, I did not manage to find any Numenera domesticated plants and foods. Yes, there is a lot of creatures but surely if they have no cats or real dogs, or horses, they don't have also wheat or corn?
Is there's something I'm still missing out there, or are there any fan creations/inspiration in the topic.
Of course I will happily indulge in creating those stuff, because I think it's cool for the Ninth Worlders to bake mushroom bread, drink blue wine and fry steaks of meat bulbs, but possibly maybe I am trying to break through an open door?


  • Not sure if this is covered by the Ninth World Guidebook but it sounds that it could be there. I will check the book after work about that!
  • Regardless of what they are called, grain, legumes, nuts, gourds, fruits, and edible seeds, leafs and roots will always exist. Just make up a name for it and go. Everything in this world is so regional and isolated there are probably way more variety of fruits, vegetables and grain in the Ninth World than there are now.
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    Some thoughts... Many textiles are made from natural fibers. Growing fiber for clothes and paper, growing building materials or fruits and vegetables that are multipurpose, like oranges can be used as insect repellent.

    Also... What really grows in drit? How do Ninth World plants process it? I imagine if the world is covered in drit, the plants are going to at least look different from their modern equivalents.

    Are there ancient pre-Ninth World hydroponics that still exist?
    What plants are drugs? Are they abused/abusable? Are they used for religious or civic purposes? Are they burned, eaten, carved?

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the cotton equivalent is probably more common in the Steadfast than in the Beyond, where they dress in local materials presumably (more bizarre than the Steadfast, more functional, perhaps?) I imagine Steadfast fashions to be like medieval Europe, weird, and often pointlessly modest.
  • Excellent questions. Also, did the previous races culture something that was edible for them, and is a pest for us? Since I've read the system I thought that while it is rich in animal kingdom (or whatever you call the creatures in the bestiary) it does little to show examples of botanics, except for rare plant/animal crossbreed monsters.
  • Drit is still going to have organics in it, and the chemical paths used by plants will have evolved, possibly with help, to keep up.
    I can imagine the fieldstone walls of the Ninth World having some really odd "stones", but such walls will certainly be present in areas where the drit has become so tech-derived that the inerts *must* be filtered out
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