Cypher System Character Sheet

Just downloaded an hour or two ago. Looked over the character sheet and saw that it breaks the skills down by Stat Pool. Cannot find anything yet that explains the breakdown. Anyone got any ideas yet?


  • Better stated:
    Cannot figure out why they break the skills down that way.
  • Where a skill generally fits is based on player and GM logic. If you have a Physical Education skill, you might generally think of it as a Intellect skill, and write it under that slot. This doesn't mean that when you're demonstrating how to throw a softball to little Tina that you couldn't use your PE skill based on speed or might instead, it's just most of the aspects of it would be theoretical or social, so its an Intellect skill primarily. The assignment just indicates which pool effort usually comes from. If you're uncertain and you're a player, ask your GM for a ruling. If you're a GM, it's your call.
  • Numenera and The Strange character sheets also categorized skills by stat pool, albeit not as dramatically. (That is, Numenera's sheet traced lines between skill groups and stat pools, and The Strange placed spaces for skills right under each stat pool.)
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