"Zero-Tier" Play

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This variant is inspired in part by 1974 Style, a very stripped down version of D&D that fits on one page, and its predecessor "Searchers of the Unknown". It keeps the parts I really like about Cypher System -- players roll all dice and Cyphers -- and ditches the rest, for better or worse.

Zero Tier Characters are comparable to Level 3 NPCs, with a slight edge. They best represent ordinary folks caught up in extraordinary events. Here's how they work:

1. There are no Tiers, Types, Focuses, Descriptors, Effort, Edge, or Pools. Characters are defined only by the following:

  • Name

  • Profession, starting

  • Skills

  • Hit Points (HP), maximum and current

  • Experience Points (XP), current

2. Characters choose a Profession, which provides a list of associated skills (TBD); players pick six(?) to be Trained in, and one to be Specialized in. Characters also choose two(?) arbitrary “hobby skills” not previously chosen to be Trained in. Skills decrease the difficulty of die rolls, as in the main game.

3. Characters start with 10 HP (Max). At 0 HP or less a character is Debilitated. At -½ HP, the character is dead.

4. Recovery rolls are 1d6, along the standard progression.

5. Weapons, equipment, Armor, and Attacks are unchanged.

6. Each character may carry up to two Cyphers without them going bang (or poof). The list of Cyphers can include any published.

7. XP only buys Skills (4 XP), Max HP (1 XP), or re-rolls (1 XP).

8. Being limited to Skills, any challenge above Level 8 is effectively impossible without a Cypher or Artifact.

9. Optional Rule: characters with at least 1 HP can spend 3 HP to reduce a roll by one level (i.e. Effort).

A character sheet would therefore contain the following fields:

  1. Name

  2. Profession

  3. Skills

  4. Equipment:

    • Mundane equipment

    • Cyphers

    • Artifacts

  5. Combat Stats (derived from above)

    • Weapons / Attacks (name, mod, damage)

    • Armor

  6. Hit Points (max, current, Condition)

  7. Recovery rolls used

  8. Current XP

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