An alternative interpretation of Fictional Leakage

Just one alternative interpretation of "Fictional leakage":

A material, human sized, brain is not sufficient to create, contain and maintain sentience/intelligence/creativity/self-awareness. All intelligent beings' brains are actually portals to an extra dimension in which they store everything that goes beyond controlling the internal organs, and the basic instincts.

Recursions are created at points in which The Strange, in its continuous growing, leaks reality. That leak has to pass through the Sentience extra dimension that contains the intelligence and imagination of all sentient creatures. That's what makes the leaks take the form of those thoughts, memories and imaginations.

All recursions are equally Real. Including prime worlds. There is no way of knowing if Earth is a prime world or a recursion created from a sentient being's thoughts and The Strange's reality.

In this interpretation, The Cosmos is composed by the following:
The Strange : The original source of reality.
The Sentience : The dimension of thought through which The Strange leaks become recursions.
The Recursions : The 3D universe we know and see.

If this were to be true, somewhere there's a primordial recursion where the first tiny brain connected back to The Sentience, his first thoughts shaping the second recursion, and so on. Thoughts shaping new recursions that spawn new sentient beings that have new thoughts. Creating the loop of that has been going on and on until now.
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