Translation Thoughts

Thought: Dude translates to Ardeyn, appearing there with a new appearance and focus, then returns home to Earth via an inapposite gate. I assume he comes home looking different, and possibly with a focus that won't work here. What if he later translates back to Ardeyn and translates home. That will get him back to normal?

Thought 2: Dude from Ardeyn is a bard of some kind. He become quickened and translates to Earth. His player has the Character Options book and decides to choose "Is Idolized By Millions" as his new focus. How is this handled? Is this even possible? I doubt the Earth will alter around him to give him millions of fans. What about "Leads?" If a higher Tier character takes that Focus, does a Band of Followers appear as if from nowhere?


  • Thought 1 - That's my understanding, yes. Do remember that the rules for inapposite gates do allow foci to work in other recursions but if the foci is not native to the recursion and it cannot be dragged it it more difficult to use and will degrade over time.

    Thought 2 - This is why I don't allow 'Is Idolised by Millions' in my games at all, in my mind it is a game breaking focus and can actually cause more problems (for the GM, the player and even the rest of the party) then it gives benefits.

    As far as 'Leads' is concerned that is a problem regardless of the recursion you appear in, since Leads can be dragged. I would have the player arrive in a new recursion with no follows no matter what tier they are, then they will need to recruit their follows through roleplay. This fits in with the rules for 'Leads' as any followers who are lost (i.e. they die) must be be replaced by recruiting a new one. It also makes more sense to do it that way as it is somewhat more realistic than just having some followers miraculously appear.
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