What, where, why, and how?

I'm just trying to liven things up here with the release of the Cypher System core book on the way.

The questions in the title, more detailed:

What are you planning on doing with the core book? converting other settings or your own?
I'd like to make my own Sci-fi setting. Been working on it on and off for a number of years, always being distracted by new systems that I think fit it better. This might be the one.

Where are you going to post your game setting info? Here might be a good place - lets get some discussions going!

Why did you decide to try this system? Me I liked the art from the Numenera book, and as the EverGM™, I find I get overloaded with stats. Just using a scale of 1-10 is pretty simple. Plus, my dice hate me. When I play a game, I often roll the worst result. When I run a game, I get the best results - which turns even the simplest encounter into a blood bath.

How are you, if at all, going to alter the system? No system survives contact with the GM, so will you be removing cyphers? Changing the stats around?

Me, I'm not sure. I really need to know how to do power armour and vehicles in this system - I'm hoping they are extensions of the character, and less a second set of stats to track.


  • My first instinct is to finally do my Atlantis setting of myth and legend.
  • I like Steampunk and I like Horror, so something Gaslight Cthulhu-esque might be on the cards providing I can corral my player base, one day, eventually. :) Though we're all big superhero nerds so perhaps that might be something more in keeping.

    I've just found the Cypher system to be very elegant and flexible. I feel I can improvise when I need to and I like the fact they players roll all the dice, gives them more influence in the game. GM intrusions are great devices if you want to drop something into the story at the last second.

    I look at Cyphers as one shot magic items, like potions in D&D, things like that. They can also change the direction of story when used at the appropriate time. Keeps everyone including the GM on their toes.

    To answer your last point there is a Battlesuit artifact in the main Numenera corebook. It adds to might edge, counts as heavy armour with an additional armour bonus and a bonus to the might pool. So in that regard a suit of powered armour could be an enhancement to the player, not a separate entity.

    Bruce Cordell had a go at creating Iron Man in the Cypher system with similar principles here: http://www.montecookgames.com/cypher-system-playing-the-character-you-want-to-play-part-2/
  • I want to do something in the Jupiter Ascending setting.
  • As usual, my head's bursting with ideas. Among them are clones/ripoffs of Deadlands: Lost Colony and Pathfinder's Numeria (of Iron Gods fame), ports of Eldritch Skies (Lovecraft as space opera) and Stars Without Number, two alternatives for a space opera setting (one Solar System bound, one interstellar), and a superhero setting where the PCs would be low-level superheroes and high-powered normals policing the heavy-hitters and cross-dimensional threats. (And I don't even like superheroes.)
  • A western/gothic setting involving cowboys versus undead horrors.
  • A western/gothic setting involving cowboys versus undead horrors.

    You know, in the same vein of that movie: Cowboys and Aliens, I think Cowboys and Vampires could be fun.
  • Just received my CSR a couple days ago. I've only flipped through it, but it looks promising.

    What: My plan is to create a Victorian Steampunk/Horror setting and campaign. Its going to be a lot of work, as I will need to do a fair bit of tweaking to the Foci, abilities and cyphers to make it all fit, and I'm new to the system, so I gotta learn it from scratch.

    Where: I'll likely outline things in Obsidian Portal when I get the time. For now, I will be hunting through forums seeking advice and critique as things get written.

    Why: The Cypher System seems very lightweight and versatile. Easy to customize and run.

    How: Being new, I'm not sure how much I'll alter the system. I may change the flavor of cyphers. There won't be much magic in my world, only stuff associated with otherworldly horrors. I may reskin cyphers into single use tech items; like a grenade that has a special effect, or an automaton that can be animated once, then falls apart. We'll see.

    I've been looking for existing Steampunk creations/resources for the Cypher System, but there doesn't seem to be much out there. I usually just steal other people's good ideas and alter them as needed. I guess I'll have to do the creation this time ;)
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    A western/gothic setting involving cowboys versus undead horrors.

    Count me in for anything with horses and six-guns. Some of that stuff from The Dark Tower is ripe for the picking.

    I've always dreamed of running a sprawling space opera, and that was the first idea I had when I originally saw Numenera in the kickstarter days. Finally, the tools for it have arrived. Now that I think about it, maybe a space western is in order.
  • Before the Cypher System rule book came out, I took the Numenera rules and made what appears to be a D&D-type world. Orcs and Goblins, and Dragons and Giants. I took the Arthur C Clarke quote, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" to heart and built my world.

    I took some classic modules like Ghost Tower of Inverness, The Isle of Dread, and White Plume Mountain and converted them to the Cypher system. The players have just reached tier 3 and now I will start showing them that all is not as it appears. Something is strange about those Iron Golems with shafts of light coming from their eyes...
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