City of Needles - Traitors Gate - Actual Play Podcast

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I'm Tesla, the creator of the City of Needles Universe. It is a setting I have created around the small details found about the city of Auspar in the Steadfast of Thaemor. It has become a sprawling world that has now spanned many different forms and a one more still to come.

I has spawned novels the first of which, The Shattered Child, you can read, the summary of season 1 The Silent War is the second in the series, and is the current one I GM. It starts directly after the events of Season 1 and can be found here, The Shattered Child, Chapter One, Part 1

With the burgeoning world I also had to start writing everything down, this turned into the City of Needles Wikia and soon writing everything down it became clear the world was big enough for more.

This now comes to my latest project within the City of Needles Universe, Traitors Gate. I am adding in new mechanic into the game, influence, along with other elements from factional games such as Stars without Numbers and Burning Wheel to create a GM faction turn that embodies the spirit of a living city/world. The exact details can be found at my narrative and game design blog. I'm still in the process of setting up artwork and such for turning it into a livestream/youtube video/podcast depending on the editing time I have available. It is set before the events of Season 1 and involves the blackmail of four disconnected characters within the city of Auspar, all linked by one thing, the desperate desire to keep their secrets safe.

So this is where you come in. I've got one or two open spaces for the initial pod cast group as well as a small reserve list from when my first cast eventually dies. If you fancy a murder mystery, intrigue, politics and blackmail on Sundays 2PM EST then let me know. You must be available as many Sundays as possible, know the Numenera system and have a set up that lends itself to recording.

Let all your intrusions be good,

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