RFM in Kaparin

My players will soon be visiting Kaparin on their travels. No doubt they'll want to visit the famous RFM when they arrive, and I thought it might be fun to come up with a bunch of interesting exhibits that they might see whilst visiting.

The rulebook says "the RFM is a maritime museum, hall of fame, and library all rolled into one. Here, the Redfleets catalogue their accomplishments and store their findings. A visitor can view the preserved skull of a rare flutterfish or listen to an audio recording from the depths of the ocean. And you'll likely find half a dozen Redfleets, past and present, just waiting to be asked about their contribution. If you read the signs posted liberally inside and outside the RFM, you’ll discover that the objects on display are famed the world over and coveted by many."

The rulebook also explains that the Redfleets care nothing for manmade treasure, only for natural miracles of the sea.
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