When do you give XP?

Other than GM intrusions, how often and when do you folks give XP? The book's pretty vague on what a "discovery" is.

On my part, I tend to give each play one point of XP the first time they translate into a new recursion, or into a new area of a recursion they've been in before. I also give 4 xp at the completion of the current adventure, but that's primarily because we meet very intermittently and I don't want them to slog around at first tier forever.

So what do other GM's do for XP rewards?


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    -anytime a player or character does something painfully awesome
    -anytime a player or character surprises me
    -anytime a player or character does something that advances the narrative function of the story in some way
    -anytime a player or character does something that changes the world in some way
    -anytime a player or character makes something up, spur of the moment, that enhances the milieu or narrative function in an unforseen way
    -anytime there is a great bit of dialogue between two or more characters
    -anytime a player has their character say or do something that is bad for the character but totally believable, demonstrating a divorce from gamist thinking and a marriage to a more story-facing approach to the hobby

    Players will have their characters do things that they are rewarded for, so I reward behaviors at the table that I want to see more of.
  • XP breaks my immersion/suspension of disbelief. Therefore:
    - I don't use any of the XP rules other than "spend 4XP to get one perk and at 4 perks raise a tier".
    - I just hand 2~4XP at the end of each session, based on how much they discovered/learned/explored, so I can talk with the players during the week and start the next session with updated character sheets.
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