San Francisco Bay Area - Labor Day Holiday weekend (September 4-7, 2015)

Hello CypherCasters!

In addition to being a member of the Asset Team, I also organize and coordinate for several game conventions here in the Bay Area. One of the larger events is Pacificon Game Expo which takes place every Labor Day weekend. I have recently been promoted to Manager of the RPG Department and I want to bring Cypher system GMs to my convention is a big way!

If you are in the area or are able to travel here in September, I invite you to come to Pacificon and run a session of Numenera or The Strange for my RPG attendees! If you can commit to Game Master one 8 hour session you will earn a weekend pass! We spoil our volunteers all weekend long with snacks and drinks from our hospitality lounge. Uber-Volunteers are eligible for additional BBQ meals Sat. & Sun. as a thank you for your extra level of commitment.

If you're intrigued, excited or want to know more, visit our webpage and e-mail me>

Hope to hear from you and really hope to add some of you to our amazing show!!!


Michael Azzolino - RPG Manager
(510) 852-2022

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