Numenera: Amirs Folly

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, being both Fan Made by myself and a Location, so someone let me know if I've messed up and need to move it. :)

This is a bare bones framework for a city in Numenera. I've purposefully left a lot of the detail vague as I find sometimes with pre-made areas it can work better if people populate it themselves, in a manner of speaking.

Feedback appreciated, hope you find some use from it!

Amirs Folly.

A floating city sat atop a perfectly circular chunk of land gouged out of the earth kilometres across, hovering several hundred feet in the air. Below is the perfectly smooth rocky crater in which Amirs Folley once rested. Arcs of silent green lightning travel between the cities rocky underside and the ground below. At the cities heart a powerful Numenera device holds the city aloft, contained in a secure Aeon Priest enclave.

Travel to and from the city can be accomplished by Raster for those short of shins or in a hurry or by Airship for those who can afford both the time and the expense.

The Imperfect Singularity

Aeon Priests zealously guard the Numenera at the centre of the city, the device that keeps Amirs Folly aloft. It requires a constant supply of cyphers and artefacts to power it, which are carefully disassembled and fed into the devices core. The cities current status was an unforeseen side effect of the Numenera and the Aeon Priests are somewhat loathe to tamper with it further.

Iolans Grace

In the shadow of Amirs Folly but well out of range of any rogue discharges of eldritch energy, the tent town of Iolans Grace sprang up almost overnight. While little more than a stopping off point for Aneen caravans dropping off their cargo for transport to the floating city overhead, transactions of a dubious legal nature are more likely to occur here.

Adventure Hooks:

The Aeon Priests give generously for cyphers and artefacts and have an open and generous bounty for such items and may provide locations where they may be found.


An enterprising if ruthless thief has stolen a cache of cyphers, threatening the safety of the city as the Numenera at it’s core starts to behave erratically as it’s power levels fall.


Amir’s Folly has started to roam randomly around the landscape, threatening to cause untold damage to anyone or anything unlucky enough to be caught beneath it. The Aeon Priests have locked their doors and ignored the desperate entreaties of the cityfolk.
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