Lex Starwalker releases The Obsidian Monolith campaign material

Lex used the Obsidian Monolith as a basis for a podcast series he'd been running on campaign development in Numenera. That series wrapped up recently, and he's packaged up all the source content in a series of posts on his blog.
"In these series of articles I will give you the material to run my campaign for Numenera, The Obsidian Monolith. This is the same campaign I discuss in The Obsidian Monolith episodes of the Game Master's Journey podcast. This is an introduction to the campaign and the town of Bonespir, where the story will start." The Obsidian Monolith Campaign for Numenera 01 - The Town of Bonespir
This is a must read for anyone looking for a new adventure to run, or how to craft something new. You can find the entire thing at http://www.starwalkerstudios.com/blog/?tag=Obsidian+Monolith
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