What happens with an artifact when translating

Artifacts don't translate with you (pg94), so when you translate do they just lay there on the ground where you left... Do they transform into a non-functioning item on your person in the new recursion? Are they left behind?
How do you handle this?


  • I imagine it goes into abeyance with the rest of the non-translatable gear.
  • I have been considering making them follow cypher rules and allow them to translate -- but this is in direct contradiction to the written rules. I like the idea of letting character decide what the artifact will look like in different settings (or deciding myself).
  • wkeller's right. Artifacts that do not translate go into abeyance.
  • Rules as written would have them go into abyeance, but as the GM you are free to change it to allow them to be translated the same as cyphers. I think the rule is the way it is due to keep things balanced. If all your players were toting Artifacts everywhere they went, things might become a bit too easy.

    There is an example of such an artifact in the Bestiary; Colin Stokes, Warrior Mage. He has a artifact, a sword called Gwinthang, which states in the sidebar "can travel between recrusions". I plan to use this at least for a plot device and a villain NPC. But not sure if I'd allow my players to always have their artifacts with them.

    One suggestion might be, the artifacts can translate only to recursions that follow the same laws as the recursion the artifact was acquired in.
  • There is also the Rukian artifact, Recursion Pod. Allows artifacts to translate.
  • unless otherwise acted upon by a special ability or another artifact/cypher, they go into abeyance.
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