Looking for Players for the CypherCast Chronicles an Actual-Play Podcast

Hey Folks. I am trying to Launch a new "Actual-Play" Podcast for the Cypher System, called The CypherCast Chronicles. This is going to be different from my last foray into Actual-play for the campaigns are only going to be 7-10 adventures long. So there is a smaller commitment needed as well as a tighter story to tell. Right now I need players with fun personalities and a decent mic.

My first campaign is for The Strange. I'm calling it "A Fragile Estate."
The pitch is: The Estate is under siege, mission after mission is going bad, agents are starting to believe there is a mole high in the organization. Rumors of the OSR building a devastating recursion weapon have surfaced, Former Estate members of the Butterfly Objectors are going missing, and a mysterious "Oracle" has started divulging cryptic information to the Estate. A loyal group of agents are trying their best to get to the bottom of it all before the Estate crumbles around them."

Right now the Campaign Arc is looking to be 7-10 adventures. I am hoping to do one adventure a session. Because of that you don't have to commit to every session. Being the nature of "Estate Agents" set-up we can having a rolling cast, so full commitment is not needed.

Date and time tbd by group.
Anyone interested? 


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