Who's in our RSS Feed?

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You might have noticed a widget in the sidebar (here, and it was also on NWH) which includes links to external sites writing about the Cypher System. If you'd like to subscribe to that feed yourself, you can use this link:
http://www.rssmix.com/u/8144685/rss.xml (this URL will change periodically as we add/remove feeds)

If you're curious who all is included in this list, here you go:
Articles posted in The Hub
http://ilive4crits.blogspot.com/search/label/Cypher System
http://www.theninthworldchronicles.com/ (defunct?)

Feel free to comment on this thread if you know of sites/podcasts that we should include in this feed. We'll update it from time to time to add new sites, or drop ones that have stopped writing. The main thing to be included is you need to have a Cypher System or Cypher System Game specific feed we can link to (for instance, Wordpress based sites can allow us to get a feed of a specific tag or category). There are some others out there, but they cover multiple games or topics outside of the Cypher System which we can't filter out, and we want to keep that feed as "pure" as possible.


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