Looking player for PbP Numenera Epic Campaign


Game is on Gamers Plane.

I am starting new game for made by me sub-setting called The Octagon, which set in Ninth World of Numenera system.

The campaign aims to be long and very story-oriented. It feature Puzzles, Diplomacy, Power struggles, Decisions, fair amount of Combat, and Reactivity to player's actions.

From Act 2 it turns to be open-ended but still story driven campaign. This means player team will have multiple choices to choose from, and the campaign will react accordingly.

The setting features specific place / geographic location, which have own story and many things to reveal and explore.

After i run this setting few times i may consider to publish PDF guide with campaign settings and details.

Anyone with desire to play Numenera epic campaign and able to do few posts/week are invited to join.

This is second game of those series. Each game have very different start (Act 1) (this means both starting story and place), and lead to the Act 2 which is reactive, open-ended, open world setting in the Ninth World.

Any game of the setting starts in Steadfast/Beyond.

This is game 2. Other one been played PbP on different net resource.

Also English is not my native language, but i try my best, and involve my wife into the GMing in order to help me to write most complex parts of the game which feature very complex, literature language.

Campaign. :

Is set in Beyond , and starts at point 70 miles to north-west from big camp site of Yosh-Ul. The party was hired by one of few leftovers, and probably chief of Da-Zaan tribe, named Zinobia. He is old lone wolf scavenger and cypher seeker. You met him at his daughter's tent. She sells different oddities and cyphers (probably ones her dad finds) in Yosh-Ul, and is very respected person there.

His tribe consists of 5 persons, as he told you once, - his daughter, and more 3 persons. He refused to explain why his tribe so small, and who are other three persons.

You were independent party of numenera hunters and adventurers, traveling together for some time. You arrived to Yosh-Ul to dump loot, refill your supplies, to rest a bit and to find some job/directions for new adventure.

Zinobia approached you at his daughter tent, where you were dumping your last run findings.
He offered you "something interesting" - he talked about some kind of discovery and big numenera piece located in some underground cave. He told you that he possess some kind of "compass" which leads to that place. Working normally alone, he decided to hire some un-affiliated, independent party. In addition to this, his daughter offered you nice reward if you will cover and back her crazy father in his "discovery mission" he was so obsessed with.

The game starts when the party already crossed 70 safe miles towards destination marked by the octagon-shaped compass in hands of Zinobia.
Now he starts to share everything what he knows about your destination.

Zinobia will be party NPC member (or GM-led PC) and will have full PC character profile - Wasteland Jack who Never Says Die.
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