Handling Skills When Translating

I'm somewhat surprised this hasn't been asked already as I cannot see anything in the rule book to explain how to handle what happens to skills when changing focus, i.e. when the character translates.

Do skills stay with a character when they change focus?
If not, why not?
If they do, how do you handle specialised skills when the training was granted by a focus? E.g. the focus 'Looks for Trouble' grants training in 'Healing', if the player then spends 4xp on making that specialised, what do you do with that when the character changes to a different focus, and therefore loses that training?

Or did I miss a paragraph in the book somewhere?


  • I would only have characters change skills related to their focus (if they are not dragging the focus). This does mean that characters should focus on skills that will translate well.

    As to your case, I would give the character a healing skill -- which becomes specialized if they get training from a focus in a specific recursion.

    I am not entirely pleased with my approach. I worry this means that players will avoid lore skills because they are less likely to be useful across recursions -- and always take skills like perception. I may make lore skills cost less (though then I have to figure out how that works with advancement) or create some manner in which lore skills also translate.
  • Thanks for your response. I've been re-reading and re-re-reading the rule book and I think I've found the solution, essentially it is what you explained but I'll go into a little more detail:

    In the margin of page 64 it states 'If a character is already trained in a skill, ability or attack but gains training in the same thing again for any reason, she instead becomes specialised in it'. So thinking about it that way I'm considering skills not from the idea of taking the training away, but from the idea of what they have before adding a focus.

    So basically in my example above the specialised in 'Healing' would count as the character having two lots of training, therefore if the character swapped to a focus that did not grant that training then they would only have one lot of training, and so they would be 'trained'. Then they would return to specialised if they took back that focus or another that granted the second training.

    On a side note I disagree with you somewhat on the lore skills. As far as I am concerned lore skills specific to recursions are exactly the same as lore skills that are specific to regions, cities, towns, etc. of a game world, whether it be in The Strange or any other game.

    If your players are thinking that lore skills are less useful than other skills then perhaps you are not using lore skills enough in your games, I know I'm guilty of that myself!
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