How long does it take to spend 4xp?

So if a player wanted to spend 4xp on an ability, would you let them in the middle of a fight? or would you make them use a little downtime to do it?


  • I generally only allow Tier-related (and long term) spending between sessions or during downtime. The only spending in the middle of a fight should be for things like re-rolls, or countering a GM Intrusion.

    That said, there's also a consideration for short and medium term benefits that can be used by spending 2XP. These are meant to help the players out during scenarios where special skills are needed. HOWEVER, IMO, those moments aren't in the heat of battle. It's walking into a room and recalling a time mentoring with an architect whose handiwork you see all over this building, and as a result, you get -1 difficulty on navigating the structure.

    You can also consider, if he's wanting to spend 4XP on an ability, it costs 3XP to integrate "long term" benefits into your character. So spending 4XP in the middle of battle is basically saying you suddenly want to skip months worth of training required for other benefits that cost less.

    Ref: Core book pgs 110-112
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