Studio 21

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Inspired by the Supernatural Episode "Changing Channels" and the classic Twilight Zone Episode "A world of difference". Where the characters find themselves stuck in the reality of TV Production. It's a pocket dimension run by an eccentric entity known only as The Director.

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Level: 9
Laws: Special (See Description)
Playable Races: Human, Special (See Description)
Foci: Special (See Description)
Connection to the Strange: Studio 21 is kind of a vacuum in the strange, it's usually only visited by accident when a translation roll fails.
Connection to Earth: Sometimes the ghost stories around the various back lot studios are echoes of the activity in studio 21.
Age and Size: The size of a large warehouse.
Spark: 0%
Trait: Clever - Those with the spark gain a +1 to intellect pools.

Studio 21 is a very small recursion, only consisting of a studio warehouse complete with sets, production crew and a very enigmatic director only known as Mr. Director.

Most of the time visitors to this recursion do not realize anything is wrong. It appears as real life, though with some very overt appearances of tropes. For example characters may look explain things via flashbacks or even appear to talk to an audience that is not there.

Though sometimes if the characters go against the genre that the director wants he may call cut, dissolving the world into some kind of set, production crew and cameras are visible. Everything reveals itself to be fake, the director may then give new direction to the actors and even go in a different direction. But once he calls action the world resolves itself and becomes real again.

There are a few special rules that apply to this recursion, Races and Foci are determined by the directors whims. If the party translates in and he is in the middle of a sci-fi epic, they might all be aliens, or a spy thriller might have humans with clandestine Foci.

The other special rule is that things changed or taken from after the cut to back after the action call remain changed or known. For example if a character picks up a prop lying around it becomes a real item after the director yells action, or if they find a script lying around they might have a knowledge advantage.

The Director, himself, herself, itself. It is never the same "person" twice. But his or her omnipotence is universal though. The Director though has a plan for the situation and will often intrude into the scene to make things harder or taken in a different direction. The challenge for anyone trapped here is to either survive the scenario or possibly take control of the situation. The Director may like these alterations or may not.
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