Announcing the new CypherCast Hub

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Welcome everyone to the new CypherCast Hub. This is a (re)retooling of the Ninth World Hub, and is geared towards growth for all Cypher System games, not just Numenera. Well, that, and also addressing some of the shortcomings we ran into after moving off of Ning into a self hosted tool. We learned some important lessons after the last migration, and have applied that experience this go-around.

In doing this, we had a few goals we tried to address:

  • Give folks a chance to feel out the new site for themselves, rather than produce a hard cutover.
  • Produce a simpler forum site that emphasizes the discussions, and leaves more social functionality for places like Google+ and Facebook.
  • Fight spam registrations and content. (this is both a technology thing, but also looking towards promoting more community moderators)
  • Improve overall site performance
  • Create a tool that will grow better over time for new games
  • Maintain as much content as possible, understanding that the move from Ning was rough in that regard, and we were likely to face some similar challenges this time around (hint, we did)
  • Clean up the general forum structure to consolidate into fewer, more useful forums.
  • Improve layout and performance of responsive layout for mobile devices

All in all, I think we did pretty well in that regard. You'll notice, for instance, groups are gone. Instead, we encourage you to join any of the several social sites for that. The "blog" functionality has been replaced by "Articles," which is basically the same type of tool that users can feel free to take advantage of (if the articles aren't already imported by the time this goes up, we are working on moving the existing blog posts over).

Live chat also carried over just like before, and can be found at the bottom of the page. You can IM other site members, take part in existing chatrooms, or start your own. And, if something is missing here from the old site that you want to find, we're going to maintain a static snapshot of the old NinthWorldHub site for a while at (this will be done once we finally do the cutover).

If you have any issues you'd like to raise, or requests, or anything of that nature, please use the support forum for those posts.
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