New Descriptor - Street Rat #AlQadim

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Street Rat

Born and raised on the streets of Huzuz (or one of the other great cities), you know your way around them like the back of your hand. Where to go for food, drink, other commodities... You know the guard patrol routes, maybe even have a guard or two sympathetic to your plight - whether that makes them noble or foolish is another matter. You've probably got at least one guardsman who'll try to arrest you on sight for petty theft.

+2 Speed (or +1 Intellect, +1 Speed)

Skill: Light-fingered. Any tasks involving legerdemain have their difficulty decreased by 1 step.

Skill: Free Running. The streets are your playground and assault course. Call it free running, parkour, or just getting around. Movement-related tasks in urban environments (or similar - swinging on the rigging of a ship is not that different to the washing lines of Huzuz) have their difficulty decreased by 1 step.

Inability: Once a street-rat, always a street rat. No matter how much money you make, the noble classes are never going to treat you as one of their own - unless you're disguised to the hilt. All interpersonal tasks with people of a higher social standing are increased by 1 step.

## Connection to Starting Adventure
1. You've got to hide me! You persuaded one of the other PCs that the guards are after you in error and they'll kill you if they catch you.

2. Caught trying to pick the pockets of a PC, they're still deciding what to do with you.

3. The other PCs have bought your services as one who knows the area

4. One of the other PCs has something you want. Up to you what it is and what lengths you'll go to to get it.

## GM Intrusions

* Guards! Guards! If it's getting too quiet, drop a pack of the Sultan's guards on the Street Rat's tail.

* Just too tempting... Old habits die hard and you can't help but help yourself to that juicy morsel on the market stall...
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