New Descriptor - Mechanical #AlQadim

Seeking feedback for my Arabian Nights-themed Cypher setting work-in-progress.  And yes, it's heavily influenced by the fact that I've got all the TSR Al Qadim stuff...


Born from the creative fires of an artisan's workshop, given life by a beautiful combination of clockwork and sorcery, a being of brass and gears forged to carry out your master's bidding. But that changed. You became aware, more than a mere mechanical thing. Maybe you awoke when your creator died, maybe you were always awake and just biding your time.

You may be finished to the highest standards, the pinnacle of beauty and refinement, decorated with precious metals, gemstones, clothed in silks and satins, a porcelain mask the face you present to the world. You may be unfinished, hiding your gears and mechanisms behind masks and loose clothing.

The chess-playing mechanical Turk, the clockwork guardsmen of the City of Zuk, the Infinite Sage. One day your name will be spoken of in the same awe and wonder.

Were you designed to guard? to challenge? to entertain? to inform?

+2 to any 1 pool depending on the role you were constructed for. A Mechanical Askar might have +2 Might representing armour, strength of construction, power in it's arms to deliver a blow; a Mechanical Sa'luk +2 to Speed, nimble fingers for playing instruments (or picking pockets), light feet; a Mechanical Sha'ir +2 Intellect for recalling ancient lore documented on microscopically etched brass discs buried in it's torso...

Skill - You are trained to do one task and do it extremely well, be that swordfighting, singing, reciting poetry...

Skill - Trained to resist mental attacks. Your mind just doesn't work the way people think.

Inability - You're a machine, not a person. The difficulty of any tasks involving interpersonal interactions is increased by one step.

Inability - While you're designed to do one thing, and do it well, you're not designed to do everything. You suffer a -1 penalty to rolls not related to your area of training.

Initial Link to Starting Adventure
1, One of the other PCs was the first person you saw after waking. Whether this was as they stole you from your creator or you were being exhibited at court is up to you.

2, There are still aspects of your original programming inside you. Something compels you to help these people.

3, This is new and exciting and you want to be a part of it! Experience everything the world has to offer!

4, You're on loan from the Sultan to one of the PCs.

GM Intrusions
* Mechanical failure - something jams, breaks, comes undone. Difficulty for everything is increased by one step until you can get yourself repaired.

*Look! It's another of So'ong's mechanical marvels! Someone in the bazaar recognises you - and you may not be the only one of your kind!
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