Best starter adventure?

Greetings all! I come here seeking your advice: I'm going to start GMing (again) witha group of friends; we're about to end a WHFRP campaign in which I was a player, and for my GM turn I wished to introduce the group (4 players likely) to Numenera.

I was wondering which of the published adventures, in your opinion, would be best to let them have a taste of the Ninth World: Vortex or Into The Violet Vale? I wouldn't go with the adventures from the Core book since at least one of them would be likely to have read them.

Other suggestions are of course much accepted.

Thank you in advance,



  • Of the two, I would recommend Vortex. I think it captures the Numenera blend of sci-fi and fantasy a little better than Into the Violet Vale. With Into the Violet Vale, I feel like the players are dumped into the middle of things after a lot of interesting bits have already happened, and the adventure finishes without things really being resolved. While this might leave players hungry for more, I think if you're just doing a one-shot it's nice to have a bit more of a wrap-up at the end.
  • Thank you jweags.

    Reading through it, I had the same toughts about the Violet Vale: it's interesting, and can serve wonderfully as a start for a campaign, with all the themes barely sketched...

    On the other hand, Vortex in perfect to be fit in an ongoing campaign, with its "sandboxy" hook...

    I'll probably go Vortex, though I'll definitely predate upon the Violet Vale should my experiment go well! ;-)
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