Vortex with fewer than 6 players?

I'm planning on running a demo of Numenera at a local game shop and so far I've only had 3 players sign up. I planned to run Vortex but am now having doubts. Can it work with that few players? If so, is there any advise anyone can give me on scaling the adventure for three players?






  • I ran it with 4 for the first half and 5 for the second and they stomped things.

    The combats aren't all that hard and can largely be avoided. My players actually killed only 2 of the cultists and that was because of some lucky rolls.

    Make the human enemies a bit more likely to surrender which makes sense since they aren't terribly loyal to begin with. The battle in the final section isn't hard since everyone can gang up on the guy.

    If the party goes hunting for cyphers have a couple prepared that would be ideal in a certain fight so they have a powerful tool at their disposal.

    You can remove one or two of the initial cultists without affecting the story, don't have many (if any) in the living area, the angel isn't immediately hostile.

    Also keep in mind that even at Tier 1 numenera PCs are REALLY hardy. It takes a surprising amount of foes to take one out. Have them run with the pre-gen characters and you should have little problem. Avoid the "fuses flesh with steal" guy since he can be a liability but the rest should be fine.
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