Calendar ?

Has anyone created a custom calendar? I am looking for names for the days of the week, months, and even years.


  • I haven't seen a Ninth World calendar. I'm not even sure what year the people of the Ninth World consider it to be.

    I came up with my own calendar though I haven't fleshed it out much and it differs from the rulebook slightly. In my game, weeks are 8 days long and a month is 5 weeks long. There are 12 months to a year, making a year exactly 360 days.

    I haven't fleshed it out any more than that.


  • The Aeon Priests DO have a calender that is widely used outside the order as a standard of time, but due to some villages and even cities being so remote from one another, some places will have their own concept of time, such as a down having a huge flower at its center that will open its petals to mark the beginning of the town's day (not necessarily the sun begins the day). An Aeon year is ten months - each of which consists of 31 days - which are 28 hours long. There are 52 weeks in the year each with six days. There are 6 seasons in the year and are in order here (Sable, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Tempest) Sable is a calm time for the weather in the first month of the year. Spring and the other seasons we know well in our current world each last for two months. And at the end of the year is Tempest which has very very violent storms and weather patterns but only lasts for a month. At the end of the year there are three days after the end of Tempest that mark a transitional period not a part of the other 10 months (its independent) for the weather from raging tempest to calming sable. The last day of the year is called Safe Haven and is a holiday of forgiveness and gift giving. For more information you MUST get the Ninth World Guide Book
  • I tried looking for names for months in the Ninth World Guide Book, but it was super vague, so I just used Latin words. Here's what I came up with for the months:
    1. Novo
    2. Lux
    3. Natura
    4. Veritas
    5. Vita
    6. Fides
    7. Verbum
    8. Prosper
    9. Eluvies
    10. Somnium
  • I created a calendar as one of my players had Howls at the Moon. It became too much trouble to keep track of and no-one really cared.
    How I handle Howls at the Moon now is use a real calendar. If the (real) Full Moon is within two days either side of the Games Night then there is a good chance that the PC will transform. If it IS the night of the full moon then he WILL transform. Has worked OK so far and the PC does not know how I'm figuring it, so it allows for uncertainty
  • you still looking for a calendar? I found this site and created my own.
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