Very fluid game balance and I like it

I've a few sessions of this game and what I've noticed is there is no game balance between players or even players to monsters and I would say that's a good thing.

Party to Monster this allows for an array of playing experiences.
If you want a Cthulu style game play you could have really interesting characters who have little combat ability. The end result would be a very gritty horror type game where PC death is a real possibility.

If you want a D&D style adventure you can build your characters so that combat is challenging but fun.

If you want a Story Mode where your characters are virtually godlike it's achievable as well.

For experienced role players I would say this might be the best system I've ever seen. Although it may be a risky system to new players due to the possibility of building the characters wrong.

Then PvP I know many people get bothered by imbalance but that's always made up by the players playing as a team.

For example in the current game I am playing in I have a Foolish Jack who Fights with No Weapons who is adventuring with a party far from combat ready characters. Which is fine with me since I have my character typically try to work around combat through diplomacy or stealth, or some tricky idea, but when shit hits the fan I can go full Vegeta and avoid what would have been a TPK if I was playing a non combat character as well.

Has anyone else noticed this about the game?


  • I have to agree with you on those points. I've been playing tabletops for over 15 years, and I consider Numenera to be d20 done right. The system is simple, easy to teach, and highly effective. The character creation system is probably my favorite aspect. When you tell players that "Your character is built with one sentence", everyone thinks you sound crazy. Then, when they see what you mean, they fall in love with it too.
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