Numenera Card Storage?

So it seems I am quickly getting a lot of cards for Numenera, with the Cypher Deck 2 coming out I will have a ton. I know MCG released the Cypher Chest but I already owned all the decks did not want to buy them again. I could not find on option to just buy the chest. I have never been a card game player so I am wondering what the best solution for protecting, organizing and carrying all these cards would be? If possible I would like to keep them all in one organized place. I looked at three ring binder but then the are not free. I like to use them as random cyphers and creatures. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and insight


  • If you want a decent card box most of the time you can find them at any place that sells magic the gathering or such. You can get a brick more than long enough, pad it out with some foam or index cards and they are VERY cheap. Fit in a backpack well, is centralized and you can sort them easily.

    Grab a couple of sharpees, put a fitting pattern on it and you are good to go.
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