Sources for Weird

I'm curious to learn about sources for weird material.  I'm not sure what other people are using, but I found "The Future Is Wild" to be very appropriate;

  • Deathbottle, a carnivorous plant living in the Rainshadow Desert;

  • Desert Hopper, a hopping snail with a modified single foot;

  • Forest Flish, a small, forest-dwelling, hummingbird-like fish that no longer lives in the oceans but instead flies like a bird (Flish being a portmanteau of flying and fish).

  • Squibbon, a terrestrial cephalopod that swings from tree branches and is related to the Megasquid; it is highly intelligent and the likeliest ancestor for future life that may allow civilization to once again reestablish itself on Earth, like the Megasquid it is a descendent of the Swampus;

  • Megasquid, a 5-meter-high (16.5-feet-high), 8-ton, omnivorous, terrestrial cephalopod; its eight arms have evolved into walking legs like an elephant's; it uses its two long tentacles for feeding.

It should give your players some entertainment dealing with a MegaSquid... and there was one slimmy critter that 'infected' a host, and used it to move around, then get sneezed out.  (No other nefarious intent, but it could be problematic for your intrepid adventurers.)


A small group of carnivorous insects, that group up to look like a flower.  Normally they catch flish, but hey, today, they got an adventurer!  Be aggressive as you do this to the player. "They are on your face biting you! What do you do!"  Don't give he player more than a single point of damage in total, but the noise they create should be even more entertaining.  A passal of 8 armed Squibbon's come circling in heaving coconuts on the way.


  • I tend to take inspiration from books.

    Railsea - scrap, scrap everywhere, also giant burrowing monsters and sky squids
    The Quantum Prince - nanospirits, post-singularity view on nanotech, nanotech as magic
    The Pastel City - civilizations living in the high-tech ruins of past civilizations
  • I recommend "Alien Planet" This film is just over one and a half  hours long CGI documentary about a mission sent from Earth to probe an alien planet. It may as well be a CGI primer for "how to create a believable ecosystem for numenera. And it is on Youtube for free!


    Until we walk the Ninth World,

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