Numenera in the News - January 2013


Wow, what an amazing month it has been!

Last month, my co-hosts and I scored an interview with Monte Cook on our Transmissions from the Ninth World podcast. We had a great time with Monte and really got a lot of great questions answered. Truly a positive and open individual and his friendliness greatly increased my personal excitement for the game.

Then, just we week we got hit with two huge bombshells-

First, we got a new piece of art that has everybody talking- Kieran Yanner's example of each of the 3 types in Numenera. Perhaps these will be iconic examples of each type, or maybe these are representing characters in one of Monte's Numenera campaigns? We'll have to see.

Then, totally out of nowhere and completely flooring us, Monte announces that inXile games will be producing a spiritual successor to the great Planescape: Torment game but will be using Numenera as the setting!!! This news even made Forbes online, it was such big gaming industry news. I'm just so thrilled I can hardly stand it.

Numenera will be making quite the impact this year, between the RPG, the Thunderstone card game expansion and then the computer game (which of course probably won't be released for another few years). But still, I think it will be hard for mainstream not to notice the splash Monte has made. So, how would you describe Numenera to your friends and families when they hear about it? Do you think you could get them to try it when they'd more than likley have passed on other games you've played? It's certainly an interesting thought.

Stay tuned to the Ninth World Hub for the latest news, the latest art, the latest discussions, everything that is out there about Numenera we'll cover.

Welcome to the site!


Welcome to this new site dedicated to the community of Numenera fans.

This unofficial, fan-driven site will be a central hub of information on Monte Cook's RPG project, Numenera. Monte is in full support of this fan lead site and hopefully may participate, time permitting.   

We hope that you feel welcomed here to share your enjoyment of the game with others, learn from each other and, when necessary, share constructive feedback. We hope people will have a positive, open exchange of ideas about playing the Numenera game. In other words, please follow "Wheaton's Law".

That is all. Thanks and have fun!

Special note to playtesters: Please, please, please do not use this site to break your NDA. It is very important to us that this site only discusses publicly released information unless special permission to break NDA has been granted by Monte Cook Games.

New Focus: Gathers Intelligence


Gathers Intelligence
An absolute master of disguise, you effortlessly blend into any environment, easily disappearing into crowded city streets. Versatility and adaptability are the watchwords for espionage and you pride yourself on being completely hidden, yet still in the wide open. Not only can you change your appearances to fit the situation, you can also change your personality and allegiances, if that's what it takes to achieve your clandestine mission.
You serve governments, private interests or sell your services to the highest bidder without a thought to long-term loyalty. You are the ultimate manipulator, and even those who commission your services sometimes find that they have merely served as pawns for your own personal goals. Whether your mission is to gather intelligence or assassination, your employer understands you're more than capable of doing it and getting out alive.
Connection: Pick one other PC. The character has a suspicion that you are not who you say you are, although they may not have any evidence to support their suspicion.

Additional Equipment: You begin the game with a disguise kit.

Minor Effect Suggestion: You become specialized in one of your cover identities skills or defenses for 1 hour.

Major Effect Suggestion: You become specialized in one of your cover identities skills or defenses until you change that cover.

Tier 1: Operative. You are trained in acting, deception and disguise tasks. Enabler.

Cover Identity. By changing your appearance, voice, personality and mannerisms; you create a second identity. When you first create your cover, choose another descriptor (charming, swift, tough ect.); the GM will determine if the descriptor is an appropriate option. You must prep for 1 hour, making a disguise roll at the end to set the Difficulty Level needed for anyone who knows the real you, to see through your false identity. Each time you assume your cover identity; select one of the perks of that descriptor, gaining them for yourself. Choose between: stat pool bonus; skill and defense training; or special abilities. You lose access to the perk when you stop maintaining the cover for any reason. Enabler.

Tier 2: Impersonate (2 Intellect Points). You can craft a disguise that is an exact copy of the target, even gaining some of the targets mannerisms and personal strengths. The disguise lasts 1 hour and while maintaining the disguise, you gain 3 points to add to one one of your stat pools (Might, Speed or Intellect) as well as an asset to deception and impersonation tasks. The extra stat points disappear if not used before the end of the one hour duration or if you end the impersonation. Action. 

Tier 3: Undercover. You have created a unique second cover identity, with its own descriptor at your disposal. Choose which identity you want to assume and then gain two of the descriptor perks instead of one. Choose between: stat pool bonus; skill and defense training ;or special abilities. You lose access to the perks when you stop maintaining the cover for any reason. You now only need to prep for 10 minutes to gain the features of the cover identity, but may only maintain one cover at a time. Enabler.

Quick Change (3 Speed Points). You have several pre-made disguises at your disposal, allowing you to make sudden alterations to your appearance. Tear away clothing, height altering mechanisms in your shoes and hand crafted synth masks that let you create instant new identities. You can escape notice of a target that has already detected you, by moving a short distance out of view of the target and succeeding on a Difficulty Level disguise task equal to the targets level. This ability does not work if there are no other people within a short distance. Action.

Tier 4: Mirror Stike (4 Speed Points). You hastily adopt the appearance and fighting style one of your allies, blending in with their movements and causing confusion to your enemies. In a combat that you fight alongside one or more allies, you can move within immidiate immidiate distance of an ally and strike a target that ally has already attacked. Your attack is considered to be from surprise while still on guard (Lowering the Difficulty Level by one step) and deals an additional 4 points of damage. Action.

Tier 5: Agent. You are specialized in acting, deception and disguise tasks. Enabler.

On the Job Training (5 Intellect). You focus on one of your cover identities to gain valuable training. For the next hour you are considered specialized in one of your cover identities descriptor skills or defenses. You cannot choose a cover that you are currently using, and the cover must provide training in a skill or defense. Action.

Tier 6: Deep Cover. You have created a unique third cover identity, with its own descriptor at your disposal. Choose which identity you want to assume and then gain all three of the descriptor perks instead of two: stat pool bonus; skill and defense training ; and special abilities. You lose access to the perks when you stop maintaining the cover for any reason. You now only need to prep for 1 minute to gain the features of the cover identity, but may only maintain one cover at a time. Enabler.

New Descriptor: Seductive



You were either born with, or cultivated an attitude and appearance that draws other to you. Simply by adopting this attitude, you are treated like a member of the privileged class or nobility of your community. You may not consider yourself to be better than others, but you are used to fine things, soft beds, and rich food. You utilize your charm to get what you please and enjoy having others lavish you with gifts, in return for the pleasure of your company.

Captivating: +2 to your Intellect Pool

Skill: You're trained in persuasion, deception and etiquette.

Entice (1 Intellect Points). Your appearance and beguiling charm can disarm a foe in combat. A target who is inclined to be attracted to you, refrains from attacking you for one round. Action.

Inability. Your alluring soft demeanor does not strike fear into people. The difficulty of any task involving intimidation is increased by one step.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure

1. One of the other PCs did a favor for you, and now you’re repaying that obligation by helping her with the task at hand.

2. You convinced one of the other PCs to tell you what he was doing.

3. You instigated the whole thing and convinced the others to join you.

4. From afar, you observed that something interesting was going on.

New Focus: Collects Evidence


Collects Evidence

A master of investigation and perception, you notice the most minute and telling details with merely a glance. Unlike other investigators that depend on testimony, superstition, the seriousness of the charge, and quick, convenient conclusions, you rely on cold, hard facts and observation. What matters most to you is the truth, no matter how improbable or inconvenient it may seem.

Piecing together clues and catching the guilty with sheer cleverness, you believe in the importance of evidence, something that most others cannot comprehend. You place tremendous emphasis on developing your skills of observation, honing them to a razor point, so much so that you possess a nearly infallible memory, perfect recall, and an almost inhuman attention to detail.

Connection: Pick one other PC. The character has a knack for accidentally ruining evidence at a scene that you are investigating. The GM can declare that certain clues are lost when that character is involved in your investigation.

Minor Effect Suggestion: Gaining insight into a suspect’s motives reduces the Difficulty Level of your next attack on target by one step.

Major Effect Suggestion: You are completely in the mind of the suspect, granting you training on attacks against that specific target.

Tier 1: Detective. You are trained in intuition, searching and perception tasks. Enabler.

Contacts. You cultivate associates and informants. Each tier, you gain a contact. The player and GM should develop a supporting character to represent the contact; with the player suggesting the type of contact his or her character wants to gain. A contact will not accompany you on missions or risk his or her life. A contact can, however, provide information or render a service (use a skill on your behalf). You can’t call on the same contact more than once in a week, and when you do call on a contact, compensation may be required for the assistance the contact renders. In general, a professional associate won’t be compensated monetarily, but instead will consider you owing him or her a favor. Contacts with underworld or street connections usually demand monetary compensation for the services they render, and experts, trained or specialized in skills normally want to be paid for the services they provide. Enabler.

Tier 2: Forensics. You gain training in biology and medicine. Enabler.

Anatomical Strike (2 Speed Point). Your knowledge of the human body not only gives you skill as an investigator, but deadly combat advantage as well. When attacking a creature with mostly human biology, the Difficulty Level is reduced by 1 step and you inflict 2 additional damage with weapon attacks. Action.

Tier 3: Sleuth. You are specialized in intuition, searching and perception tasks. Enabler.

Modus Operandi. By analyzing a crime scene or other evidence linked to the target, you compile a rough mental picture of the suspect. You combine eyewitness accounts with forensic evidence to develop a profile of the suspect’s method of operation. The Difficulty Level to uncover additional evidence or otherwise locate and capture the suspect is reduced by two steps. Enabler.

Tier 4: Lie Detector (4 Intellect Points). You have the ability to gauge whether a target is lying (This ability doesn’t reveal the truth, uncover unintentional inaccuracies, or necessarily reveal omissions in information). You must be able to see and hear (but not necessarily understand) the individual under scrutiny. This ability also provides an asset on intimidation tasks against the target for 1 hour. Action.

Tier 5: Assistant. You can recruit a level 5 NPC assistant who is specialized in 2 skills. You may suggest the skills that you wish him to have, but the GM has final say about the details and description of the assistant. You'll probably make rolls for him in combat or when he take actions. The assistant acts on your turn. As a level 5 assistant, he has a target number of 15 and a health of 15, and inflicts 5 points of damage. An assistant is more than a mindless follower, and you may gain a bad reputation If he dies. Though you can attempt to hire a new one at the GM's discretion. Enabler.

Sixth Sense. You become so attuned at solving mysteries that your perception is honed to the point of supernatural. You should always be allowed a perception roll to avoid being surprised and gain training in initiative tasks. Enabler.

Tier 6: Recreate the Scene (6 Intellect Points). Based on the layout of a crime scene and the positioning of evidence, you can mentally recreate the exact details of the crime, as if observing the scene for yourself. You maintain concentration for the same amount of time it took the original event to unfold.  After reliving the scene, you can ask the GM for a specific detail that leads you to the location of a suspect or witness to the crime. Action.

New Descriptor: Daring


What others call foolhardy or dangerous, you call exciting and thrilling. Jobs other people shy away from are the ones you jump at the opportunity for. It might be bravery, it might be stupidity but to you its the only way to live. Why would you want to go through life, living the same boring way every day.
Whether you take on the role of the virtuous sky captain defending the empire, or the villainous air-pirate battling for a small claim to fortune; one thing is for sure, you live a life of danger most others only dream of. You're the test pilot, the action junkie or the subject of experiments that offer great reward.
Quick Reflexes: +4 to your Speed Pool
Skill: You're trained in jumping, swinging and falling.
Durable: You're considered to have 3 Armor for any crashes or falls.
Fortune Favors the Bold: When you spend an XP on a re-roll you gain the point back on a roll of 19 or 20.
Reckless: You cannot spend an XP to negate a GM intrusion.
Initial Link to the Starting Adventure
1. You saw the PC's in danger and jumped into action to aid them.
2. You signed up for the mission on the spur of the moment, because it sounded fun.
3. You suspect that the other PCs won't succeed without you.
4. You saw an opportunity to test out your skill.

New Focus: Operates Mechs


Operates Mechs

Whether secreted away in a smoky underground laboratory or gleefully experimenting in a well equipped shop, you are often regarded as being just as unstable, unpredictable, and dangerous as your mechanical  creations. While some creators of automatons content themselves with sedentary lives as mechanics, providing repairs and upgrades to existing mechanized servants, you answer a deeper calling. A calling to build  and utilize your creations in the pursuit of adventure and the hope of finding the next bigger and better mech.
You most often wear comfortable clothing covered in grease and oil,  always with a bag of tools on your person. Your skills often involve fixing and repairing machinery, but your innate abilities to craft your own mechs often is enough to get by.
Most operators are jacks because of their versatility, but a mech riding glaive or nano is a impressive sight indeed.
Connection: Pick one other PC. That character causes your mech to become agitated in a way that you can't explain. You know that you must keep your mechs away from him if possible, or you might lose control of them.
Additional Equipment: You begin the game with a bag of light and heavy tools.
Minor Effect Suggestion: The duration of jamming and override is doubled.
Major Effect Suggestion: The duration of jamming and override extends to 28 hours.
Tier 1: Mech. You have created a level 2 automaton of your size or smaller (Never miniature) . It accompanies you and follows your instructions. You and the GM must work out the details of the  automaton, and you'll probably make rolls for it in combat or when it  takes actions. The mechanical companion acts on your turn. As a level 2 creature, it has a target number of 6 and a health of 6, and it inflicts 2  points of damage. Its movement is based on its design (wheeled, wings,  submersible, and so on). If your automaton is destroyed, you can build a new one, taking 1d6 days, heavy tools and materials. Enabler.
Juryrigger. You are trained in repairing mechanical creatures, and you only need half the amount of materials normally needed for these repairs. Enabler.
Tier 2: Jam Signals (2 Intellect Points). You can jam the signals of a mechanical creature or automaton that you see within short distance.  You flood the area with a concentration of mental static. The mechanism stops functioning for one minute or as long as you focus all of your attention on it. The GM has final say over what counts as a mechanical creature or automaton, but unless some kind of deception is at work, you should know whether you can affect a creature before you attempt to use this ability on it. Hardwired and non-moving machines are not considered mechanical creatures or automatons. Action.
Interface (2 Intellect Points). You can convey a basic concept to a machine that normally can't speak or understand speech. The machine can also give you a very basic answer to a simple question. Action.
Tier 3: Transport. A level 3 Mech serves you as a vehicle and follows your instructions. While you're riding on it, the automaton can move and you can attack on your turn, or it can attack foes when you do. You and the GM must work out the details of the mechanical  transport and you'll probably make rolls for it in combat or when it takes actions. If your transport is destroyed, you can build a new one, taking 3d6 days, heavy tools and materials. Enabler.
Tier 4: Sensor (3 Intellect Points). You can sense through your  mech's senses if it is within 1 mile (1.6 km) of you. This effect lasts  up to ten minutes. Action to establish.
Improved Mech. Your mechanical companion increases to level 4. As a level 4 creature, it has a target number of 12 and a health of 12, and it inflicts 4 points of damage. Enabler.
Tier 5: Broadcast (5 Intellect Points). You summon a 4th level Swarm of small automatons or a single level 5 mechanical creature to help you temporarily. These creatures do your bidding for as long as you focus your attention, but you must use your action each turn to direct them. Automatons are not always available in isolated locations and this ability won't always work. The GM will determine their availability. Action.
Tier 6: Override Controls (6 Intellect Points). You can control a non-hostile or passified (from your Jam Signals ability) automaton or mechanical creature within a short distance. You control it for as long as you focus all your attention on it, using your action each round. The GM has final say over what counts as an automaton or mechanical creature, but unless some kind of deception is at work, you should know whether you can affect a creature before you attempt to use this ability on it. Hardwired or non-moving machines are not considered mechanical creatures or automatons. Action.
Battle Mech. Your mechanical companion increases to level 5. As a level 5 creature, it has a target number of 15 and a health of 15, and it inflicts 5 points of damage. Enabler. 

Manks a Learned Jack who Researches Lore


Type Background: School of Hard Knocks  

Connection: Pick one other PC. You have tutored him in the past, which grants him training in a knowledge skill that you are trained in.

Might: 12
Speed: 12
Intellect: 14


Effort: 1

Might Edge: 0
Speed Edge: 0
Intellect Edge: 1

Cypher Use: He can carry two cyphers.

Tricks of the Trade:

Skill with Defense: Mental Defense (Trained)
Skill with Defense: Speed Defense (Trained)


Flex Skill: Trained in one skill of choice each day.

Practiced in Light and Medium Weapons: Attacks with Heavy Weapons add one difficulty step. 
Learned Skills: You are trained in Biology, Linguistics and Medicine Tasks. 
Schooled: You are trained in History and Numenera Tasks. 
Bookworm: (1 Intellect Point) Trained on the subject of a read book for the next hour.

Minor Effect Suggestion: You've read something that pertains to the action you made in a book once. The next similar action you make has its difficulty reduced by one step.

Major Effect Suggestion: You've uncovered a secret regarding the task you just made. Similar tasks are easier for you, granting you a +1 for the next 28hours. 


Trained in Biology Tasks
Trained in History Tasks 
Trained in Linguistics Tasks 
Trained in Medicine Tasks 
Trained in Numenera Tasks 
Trained in Sneaking Tasks

Inability: You have few social graces. The difficulty of any task involving charm, persuasion, or etiquette is increased by one step.

Equipment: Books on History, Linguistics, Medicine, Numenera and Tactics 

Weapons: Knife


New Focus: Commands Respect


Commands Respect

Though you weren't necessarily born into nobility, you belong to the social elite of your homeland. You tend to rely on wit and charm, focusing on courtly politics, even mastering the arts of stealth and disguise to help further your decadent intrigues. You use intelligence or charisma rather than brute force and direct confrontation, and are typically well-versed in the arts of rhetoric and negotiation. Some see you as elitist, competing in endless intrigues and indulging in wild decadences much to the chagrin of your lower class countrymen.

Due to your status, dignities and social skills, you are a influential person who is well-suited for leadership. The popular conception of people of your station is that you stay as far away as possible from warfare. For you though, battle is only another opportunity to impose your will on others; coordinating tactics and sometimes leading the charges from the front lines.

Connection: Pick one other PC. The character is bolstered by your influential presence. When you perform a complimentary action with that character, you provide an additional +1 to his roll.

Additional Equipment: You begin the game with a signet ring. This ring marks your status as a member of the upper-class. Among certain circles, it provides you an asset on social interaction tasks.

Minor Effect Suggestion: The next time you demoralize or castigate the same foe, the duration of those abilities last an additional round.

Major Effect Suggestion: A foe that you demoralize or castigate is affected by your ability for one minute

Tier 1: Courtier. You are trained in all social interactions, whether they involve charm, learning a person's secrets, or intimidating others. Enabler.

Demoralize (1 Speed Point). Your words cut deeper than your blade. During social interactions you can reduce the Difficulty Level of your next persuasion task, by first succeeding on an intimidation roll. On the battlefield, after a successful attack your demeaning repertoire reduces the Difficulty Level to hit the target by one step for 1 round. Action. 

Tier 2: Idealist. Your confidence empowers you, giving you the ability to withstand the harmful effects of others. You can deduct normal weapon damage from either your Might Pool or Intellect Pool. Enabler.

Tier 3: Personal Affront (3 Speed Points). You make a counterattack as a reaction to taking damage. If you are within immediate distance of the attacker who did damage to you, you can make an immediate melee weapon attack against that foe. Note, Effort can only be applied once per turn. Enabler.

Incognito. People with influence often need to conceal their identities, in order to maneuver behind the scenes. You gain training in stealth and disguise tasks. Enabler.

Tier 4: Rally (4 Intellect Points). You can rally your allies, bringing them back from the brink of defeat. If an ally is Impaired or Debilitated you can encourage him to get back into the fight. One ally that can see and hear you can make a recovery roll on his turn as an action, no matter the amount of time it would normally take to make the next recovery roll. If the ally does not have any recovery rolls left for the day, this ability does not work. Action.

Tier 5: Castigate (6 Intellect Points). You deliver a scathing rebuke against a target to erode it's will and fill it with doubt. Even if the target can't understand your language, it feels the influence that you command. If the target is Level 3 or below, it surrenders to you. A higher level target is instead stunned for one turn. Action.

Tier 6: Reign. You are a well known member of a large and influential government or noble family. People under its influence are loath to take action against you. You are specialized in all social actions. In addition, persuasion and intimidation tasks are decreased by two steps when interacting with subordinates within the same organization. Enabler.