Tirehead--Lego Character Creations


Tirehead is a samuri glaive who controls movement.

This is one of the few characters that Cody & I both worked on. The initial tirehead was installed by Cody, but I added the piece on top & the samuri sword.


Tirehead is the first one to charge into battle against the bad guys [this is another hero, I will try to post a villian manana]. There is a gamma world element to this guy that does not feel right in Numenera--I mean he has a tire on his head and his focus is movment and/or transportation. I would like to move away from such obvious cartoony focus in the future--and I think villians often lend themselves to more misdirected powers.

Cody generally uses Tirehead to drive vehicles and or rescue other hero characters from the villians. There are some good role play options in this, I think.



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