Sental - Location, NPC and source for the Beyond or elsewhere!



Note: I choose the Beyond for this locale but it could appropriately be set in any farming, ranching, prairie, grassland or savannah-like region with farmers, nomads, etc.

Population: Approximately 150. May increase when other regional nomadic tribes/ranchers share camp.

Significant Feature: This little tribal village/camp has set up semi-permanently in the Beyond at its current location and has not migrated in many years. The tribe found a 500 foot diameter (150m) circular depression cordoned by 3 foot high (1m) purple upside down floating cones of unknown material. The cones are transfixed to their geographic positions and will budge a but a little, always falling back into position about 1 foot (30cm) off the ground. Passage between the cones is not impeded, but creatures of animal intelligence will not willingly cross the cordon on their own accord, in either direction. The tribe that currently resides next to this anomaly camps in large semi-permanent cone shaped hide huts off to one side of the “Corral”.

Person of Interest: The Skinner (level 2, level 5 for regional knowledge). Small, wiry, middle aged and deals and trades in more than mounts and meats, for which the smoked and dried meats are well know throughout the region. What the Skinner sells as a days ration will actually serve two or lasts-nourishes twice as long as expected. The process and components used by the Skinner to prepare dried meats originate within the “Corral.” Aside from selling steeds, livestock and meats, the Skinner is also full of information and news from parts all around the Beyond but only shares in kind for what is received.

Hearsay: Word comes from all around the Beyond through various tribes, outriders and travelers that stop in to the village for respite or to stock up on provisions. This is a good spot to plant any seeds of happenings in the Beyond (or elsewhere as appropriate) on PCs. The particular tribe in my game captures and domesticates Spinebacks (see previous article on this blog) for steeds and as a source of meats.

The Weird: More important than the cones themselves, the area within the boundary of the cones is rich and lush, with a non-stop year round supply of fresh grass, moss and other animal forage, even when the winter snows come, due to sub-surface heating of unknown origin. More astounding than this, the ground slowly erupts large floating globes of drit and self-sustaining forage, forming 30 to 100 foot (10 to 30m) spheres that remain in the air for hours or days, not unlike a lava lamp. Regardless of size, the gravity on each globe is Ninth World normal (1G) with a minimal (down to zero-gravity) transition area between each globe and the ground from which it originates. The spheres do not rise more than 250 feet off the ground. Some livestock animals kept within the “Corral” manage to adapt to the globes, riding out their tenure on any given sphere, enjoying their own private source of nutrition until the globe slowly drops back to earth, slowly melding with the ground beneath it. More enterprising and nimble livestock has been known to vault from globe to globe, thinking the grass is always greener elsewhere.

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