Harbinger Eclipse



Occlusion Disc
Level: 1D6
Form: A small black flexible disc.
Effect: When used in a lens system or as a contact (for your eye), it will allow the user to look at one bright or blinding object, such as the Sun or a high-intensity visual laser, for prolonged periods, directly blocking the damage or effects caused by such an intense light. The character will be able to view any phenomena normally visible to them that is not in the direct line of sight with the light source (such as silhouetted adversaries) or maybe the GM could impose a perception check, as the situation dictates. Alternatively, if the disc is thrown at the Sun or toward another offending intense light source, it will do the same for all persons/creatures in an conical area up to long range from that activating user of the device (100ft radius centered on the user), in effect causing a localized total solar/lunar eclipse or neutralizing the light source until called back or until it fails.
Depletion: – when used as lens or contact or 1 in 1d10 for each minute of use when thrown.

Associated GM Intrusion

Tags: Artifact, Sun, Observation, Con, Solar Eclipse

The characters, while in some population center note a gathering of people around a priest-like character dressed in stained, dark yellow robes holding a shiny metal pole. He announces the imminent doom and darkness that is to follow “Beware, the end approaches!” and other such nonsense. Then the man spies and calls out to characters, because they obviously look different from the villagers “Hey you there, strange travelers!” If they accept the intrusion they approach the man to check out his lunatic meanderings or confront him. “Look, behold! The Dark Gods are angered!” he growls at the masses as he throws his free hand toward the Sun and it becomes blotted out by a solar eclipse. He then points his staff at the players as if accusing them. What the villagers do or assume next is up to the GM or the players imaginings. At minimum, all future interactions with villagers could be set at one or two levels of disadvantage for the duration of their stay in the village. At worst, maybe the villagers run the characters out of town, while the charlatan loosens the villagers purse strings by saving them from ruin. If the intrusion is refused the players walk away none the wiser to the charlatans effort to cow, instill fear in or to bilk the villagers of their hard earned shins. If used at night, the same tack could be used with the moon.

Charlatan: Level 3, level 5 in all actions involving deception.


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