Going the mile in Numenera (Kilometers work too!)


Handy recipe card tip, thanks to Lex Starwalker and his GM Intrusions podcast for getting me onto the obvious use of recipe cards for notes, inspirations, encounters and cyphers. Brilliant, and yet so obvious. Maybe the following is obvious too, but as soon as I made one, one of my players stole it to add to his collection. Anyway, made another, the utility is obvious if you look at the attached pics.

12.5mi 1/8th tick equals a days travel off road on foot (probably on a very good day).
~25mi 1/4 tick equals a days travel on foot on road or on ground with a steed/mount off road.
~50mi 1/2 tick equals a days travel on road with a steed/mount.
Or close enough for approximation.

So it takes the PCs 5 days on foot to go from Embered Peaks to the False Woods in the Beyond.

And yes, the players have full access to the map, it drives their motivations and needs, like where they wish to go and what they need to get there. Besides, it is a thing of beauty!

Handy, easy and cheap to make. Pretty map too!


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