Boregal - The end is just the beginning! (Notes, Intrusions & Props)


***Spoiler Alert*** – This is intended for use by GMs only, for increased enjoyment of setting by players.
If you are a player, please pass by this blog post. It will give you nothing of value unless presented in proper context by your GM.

My first session summary of play is listed at and this is a quick and dirty of the following 3 sessions with added notes and possibly some ideas or inspiration for other GMs following in all of our foot steps.

The PCs met kids at center of the scenario the following morning and escorted the girl to her intended destination. They then helped with her healing by clearing the beasts out and procuring the required supplies, while helping themselves to some of their own.

They headed off to find the source of all the problems with the clues provided and almost got more than they bargained for. In short they beat Boregal, but not before terrorizing the poor Devoir Chahil and running through Yieran, realizing he was a total nut-bar.

The fun with Boregal started with the Glaive being “cursed of the gods,” while the young nano inflicted all the damage against the villainous Boregal. Having taken absolute and positive control of the Forum and dismissing or dispatching the two remaining devoirs, our heroes called off the battle with Boregal, locking him back into his chamber and the glaive trying to sleep the damage off to return the next day. Boregal continually attacked the strongest party member, the glaive, with wave after wave of mental attack and then capped it off by braining the glaive with his own petrified brain at high speed (another bad roll = GM Intrusion).

I threw the Glaive another GM Intrusion, where-in he could not properly rest that night because he could not get to sleep due to all the noise in his head because of his previous attenuation to mental activity form another part of the adventure.

I have also attached a copy of my map for the town of Embered Peaks and a floor plan for the Forum of the dead, if you want to use or extrapolate from it? Just making it my own.

With Boregal beat and the Devoirs gone, the PCs have taken over the Forum without fully realizing the extent of what they have found. The building is much bigger than they have found open rooms for, but they have not got curious as to what is behind the walls. Top floor has the entrance, office and lots of inaccessible space. The sub floor with Yieran’s room is much the same. The basement with mausoleum and Boregal’s chamber are also interesting in that the PCs immediately changed the locks and security access and started storing their extra cyphers in the alcoves of the mausoleum. They now have a base of operations, even if their new neighbours, what few are left, are not to keen on these new strangers.

They had a bizarre visit from a mysterious “shadowy” merchant, from Andreas Walters Notable Ninth Worlders (which I picked up from Drive Thru RPG) to deal for Boregal’s defunct brain, the shins were compelling, and offer/dibs on future finds. He’s going to be a fun recurring NPC.

I’m thinking at the very least that this facility is a numenera device in and of itself, located in the palm of an ancient giant, hence the hand embedded at Embered peaks. Another thing I have determined for my game, is that there are long lines of buried ground wave antennas radiating out from the Forum, which aided in Boregal’s transmission across the region. What other wonders the PCs may find within the Forum, which they have lovingly renamed the “Silver Shin”, is known only to myself but should be fun springing on the PCs. They are really enjoying the weird.

We’ve had fun with it.

Until next time.

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